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Critical Care Medicine

Critical care medicine is a multi-professional specialty tasked with caring for acutely ill patients with life-threatening conditions involving multiple organs (e.g., lungs, heart, kidneys, brain) and blood illnesses, such as sepsis.

At Kalra Hospital in New Delhi, critical care (intensive care) medicine is provided by highly-experienced and professional physicians, pulmonologists, and nurses who use their unique expertise, ability to interpret important therapeutic information, access to highly-sophisticated equipment, and the services of support personnel to provide the care that leads to best patient outcomes.

Patients are usually admitted from the emergency department or surgical area where they are first given care and stabilized before entering the critical care unit or intensive care unit (ICU). Once admitted, the continuum of critical care begins at the moment of illness or injury and continues throughout the patient's hospitalization, treatment and subsequent recovery.

Critical Care Working Group

The Critical Care Working Group at Kalra Hospital in New Delhi was convened with the understanding that the practice of critical care medicine is in its infancy across the world. The ability to shape the way critical care is delivered outside of developed nations is the primary focus of the working group. We understand that developing nations are limited by resources that exist for taking care of the critically ill. The reasons are multiple including the prohibitive cost, the lack of critical care training programs and inadequate infrastructure.

We seek to improve access to multidisciplinary art of critical care medicine, improve the delivery of critical care medicine, and improve the overall care of the critically ill in the institutions we work in. Our goals will be met through educational conferences, and consulting with hospitals throughout New Delhi and India, as we develop the region's next generation of critical care specialists.

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