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De-Addiction & Psychiatry

De-addiction & psychiatry at Kalra Hospital has been established to deal with escalating problem of drug abuse. Kalra Hospital offers a comprehensive treatment program that includes components of motivation enhancement, relapse prevention, group therapy and family intervention, and other psychological interventions including yoga therapy for relapse management. Neuropsychological assessment and vocational rehabilitation facilities are offered.

The de-addiction & psychiatry department offers special treatments for persons who have developed problems with alcohol, cannabis, opioids (heroin, codeine containing cough syrups, pain medicines), sedative medications, and inhalants. In addition, the psychiatry department has provided successful counseling to a large number of people with emotional and behavioral disorders.

The depression and addiction treatment center have certified addiction professionals, psychologist addiction specialist, drug treatment specialist doctors for alcohol addiction treatment with finest medical skills, working in tandem, to make us the top addiction treatment center in Delhi.

Our Specialists and Physicians

  • Rajesh Mehta, MBBS, MD

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