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Gallstone Surgery

Kalra Hospital has years of expertise in performing Gallbladder Stone Surgery. Before learning about the surgical operations, let us know a bit more about what gallbladder is and under which circumstances one might be required to remove it.

Gallbladder is the storehouse of bile, the digestive juice containing various salts which help in the proper breakdown of food. The gallbladder, when completely when filled with concentrated bile, releases it all into the small intestine through the hepatic duct. Gallstones are usually generated when the bile is saturated with cholesterol or bilirubin and harden to form stone-like substance. Complications arise with extreme pain in the right upper abdomen (biliary colic), inflammation of the pancreas, inflammation of the liver, yellowish skin, fever, vomiting as the common symptoms of gallstones. More severe symptoms include jaundice or cholecystitis.

Asymptomatic gallstones, which happen about 80% of the time, are not to be concerned about. However, only in 1-4% cases they need immediate medical attention. The Reckless lifestyle is often the major cause for gallstone. Birth control pills, obesity, unhealthy eating and drinking are some of the factors triggering gallstone. Diagnosis is done by ultrasound, followed by a blood test. At Kalra Hospital, we provide the best of medical practitioners and the best medical facilities to make your gallbladder removal surgery smooth and comforting. We understand that not all patients might cope with the stress of a surgery; hence we first try to treat it with oral medicines. We opt for a surgery when it is the only viable option left. We have the best team of research scientists to cope with any rare complication. Our doctors are always available at your convenience for gallbladder stone surgery to support any post-surgery complications that might arise. The operation is usually done under general or local anaesthesia. For those who cannot undergo surgery, we try to dissolve the stone or treat by shock wave lithotripsy. There are two surgical options for treatment for gallbladder stone-

  • Open cholecystectomy where abdominal is incised below the lower right ribs. It generally takes a week or so for the patient to return to normal diet and routine.
  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy via few small puncture holes for camera and instruments. It generally involves one day stay at the hospital or same day release.

Gallbladder stone, if left untreated can also worsen cancer. Gallbladder cancer treatment is generally done by radiation or chemotherapy. In many cases, gallstones are hereditary. If you have a history of gallbladder stone in your family, we say – “prevention is better than cure”. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and visit Kalra Hospital for regular checkups by the best and most advanced resources.

Our Specialists and Physicians

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  • Charanjeev Sobti, MBBS, MS, M.Ch, DM
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  • R. S. Gandhi, MBBS, MS
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  • S. K. Gupta, MBBS, MS
  • Sandeep Gupta, MBBS, MS
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  • U. K. Ghosh, MBBS, MD
  • Ugersen Sharma, MBBS
  • Vipin Grover, MBBS, MS

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