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Preventive Cardiology

The Department of Preventive Cardiology at Kalra Hospital is dedicated to prevent heart disease from taking its toll through primary prevention. It has devised special program for the conscious people who are concerned about their hearts, whether they already have symptoms of heart disease or they want to prevent future cardiac events.

The department conducts risk stratification with the help of cardiac evaluation; blood investigations and newer tests provide a target-oriented approach. Cardiologists plan individual programs based on the conditions of and requirements of the patients. This is done with the help of other departments like preventive medicine, physical rehabilitation and dietary nutrition.

The program involves:

  • An integrated approach to the aggressive control of all risk factors, with a special emphasis on cholesterol and blood pressure management
  • Individualized nutrition assessment, education and support services
  • Intensive counseling and education to promote a heart-healthy lifestyle
  • Specialized cholesterol and lipoprotein measurements
  • Referrals to cardiac rehabilitation programs

Preventive cardiology aims at targeting a scientific, logical and practical solution for a healthy heart. The major focus of the program is to evaluate risk, and provide the patients with most effective measures to slow or stop the progression of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The specialists at Kalra Hospital work in tandem to explore the multiple treatment options, and determine the most suitable methods for the individual. The optimal approach and action plan include lifestyle changes, and medications when necessary.

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