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The Department of Radiology at Kalra Hospital brings sophisticated imaging technology with new modalities that have revolutionized two-dimensional imaging with an exquisitely detailed multi-planar depiction of human anatomy. It is useful in examining various parts of the body, including the chest and the digestive system.

The portable machines are attached to the bedside of the critically-ill patient to conduct sophisticated tests and monitor the condition of the patient. The best of high-speed rare earth screens, cassettes and imported films provide high-quality skiagrams. We take every care to ensure patient comfort, safety, and well-being before, during and after the medical procedures.

Department of Interventional Radiology at the Hospital has top interventional radiology doctors and surgeons for advanced interventional radiology services.

Special interventional procedures include the following:

  • Percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage and stenting
  • Percutaneous nephrostomy
  • Intravenous pyelogram (IVP) and urethrogram, myelogram, cisternogram and hysterosalpingogram performed under fluoroscopic guidance

Our Specialists and Physicians

  • G. S. Garkal, MBBS, MD
  • Neeraj Sharma, MBBS, MD
  • S. Sahni, MBBS, MD
  • Varsha Sardana, MBBS

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