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Medical EducationPart of our mission is to provide a stimulating learning environment combined with our extensive primary and tertiary care facilities which will offer a full range of patient care activities.

Trainees encounter a diverse population within inpatient and outpatient sites around New Delhi that make up our learning environment.

Our medical education programs are part of an effort to provide the highest quality education, service delivery, and academic and clinical environments among the top medical centers and best hospitals in New Delhi.

We train house staff to be excellent clinicians who are prepared to pass their boards and provide compassionate care to their patients.

International Elective Program for Medical Students

In support of our educational mission, Kalra Hospital offers a comprehensive international elective program for foreign medical students seeking an engaging, challenging, and positive supplement to their domestic medical education.

The program not only focuses on the enhancement of their professional clinical knowledge, but also provides visiting medical students with an immersive introduction to the health system in India designed to help them become well-rounded, successful doctors.

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