Barry J. Maron, MD to be Honoured with Coeur d'Or Award on World Heart Day 2014

Barry J. Maron, MD

Kalra Hospital & SRCNC Pvt. Ltd., in association with Critical Care Working Group and World Heart Federation (Geneva, Switzerland), is celebrating the Tenth Annual World Heart Day by raising awareness on Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), and has the honour to host Dr. Barry J. Maron from Minneapolis, MN, United States, the physician-scientist who has devoted his entire career to HCM, and has made an incredible impact in how the disease is perceived and managed today.

Dr. Maron, the father of HCM, will be honoured with the Coeur d’Or (Heart of Gold) Award for his philanthropic work in cardiovascular medicine on World Heart Day 2014.