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Anesthesia is a medical specialty concerned with the administration of medication to aid pain management through sedation or blocking of sensation. This allows patients to undergo complex surgery and other procedures without the distress or pain they would experience otherwise. Prior to surgery, the anesthetist interviews the patient to determine the best combination of drugs and dosages, and the degree to which monitoring is required to ensure a safe and effective procedure.

The anesthesiology department at Kalra provides expert care in the operation theaters, intensive care units, pain clinic, and casualty. It is equipped with latest ventilators and fiberoptic endoscopes to manage all types of patients during surgery. The hospital also utilizes latest medical technology to monitor the level of anesthesia by the Bispectral Index Monitor (BIS), a device that measures the effects of anesthesia on a patient's level of consciousness by monitoring the patient's brain activity. This enables the doctors to determine the right dose based on various factors like age, weight, and medical history. Bispectral Index Monitor makes surgeries safer for our patients, and helps to ease their anxiety prior to surgery.

We have a registered team of doctors who administer and manage anesthesia given before surgical procedures. They are also responsible for managing and treating changes in critical life functions - breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. The different forms of anesthesia include local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and regional anesthesia.

The different stages of anesthesia include the following:

Pre-operative Assessment

The anesthetist interviews the patient prior to surgery in order to determine the best combination of drugs and dosages. It also helps to assess how much monitoring would be required during the procedure to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

Intra-operative Management

Depending upon the type of surgery and the patient's medical condition, the anesthesiologist decides upon the anesthetic technique.

Post-operative Pain Management

Anesthesiologist plays a vital role in keeping the patient pain-free and comfortable during the recovery period.

Kalra Hospital provides anesthesia for all types of adult and pediatric surgical procedures, including cardiac, neurosurgical, and obstetrical procedures. We are recognized as one of the best providers of anesthesia in the region.

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  • Dinesh, MBBS, DA
  • Inderdeep Kaur, MBBS, DA, MD
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  • Vinay Dhawan, MBBS, DA, MD

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