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Transfusion Medicine

Kalra Hospital is a tertiary care hospital in New Delhi that attracts patients from all over the city. The department of Transfusion Medicine provides immediate supply of blood to the patients at the hospital. The hospital collects blood from voluntary and replacement (relatives and friends of patients) blood donors only.

All the blood samples are tested for legally mandatory tests to minimize the risk of post-transfusion infections. The department ensures optimal transfusion outcomes for patients by the promotion of safe and appropriate transfusion management and clinical practice through education, and the provision of expert scientific advice.

The department of transfusion medicine has emergency blood bank in Delhi NCR that also provides post blood transfusion care to its patients. Patients within the hospital or from outside can directly contact for blood requirements by dialing our emergency blood bank number.

Optimal patient care is assured by maintaining a healthy inventory of blood components to meet the emergency demand for blood support.

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